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Dr. Jonas Nilsson

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Jonas obtained his Doctors degree at VU mc, Amsterdam, where he set out to find alternative biomarkers in the blood circulation. In this project he identified blood platelets as carriers of information, both in an uptake manner as well as through tumor education of platelets. Using this knowledge, he founded a spinoff company, thromboDx, together with Professor T. Würdinger. The start-up was later acquired by Illumina in San Diego. As part of the acquisition, they transferred their technology to the Illumina spin-off company Grail in San Francisco. Grail became one of the most interesting life technology startups of 2016.  

Today, back in Umeå, Jonas has a translational science approach, driving projects to personalize cancer medicine and decipher tumor information into actionable knowledge.




  • Erasmus exchange program with University of Manchester

  • Phd position at Radiation Sciences in University of Umeå

  • Post-doc VU mc, Amsterdam

  • Researcher, Department Radiation Sciences, Oncology, Umeå University

Most relevant publications:

1. Nilsson, J., Vallbo, C., Guo, D., Golovleva, I., Hallberg, B., Henriksson, R., and Hedman, H. Cloning,  characterization, and expression of human LIG1. Biochemical and biophysical research communications  284, 1155-1161. (2001) IF: 3.14 CIT: 171

2. Gur, G., Rubin, C., Katz, M., Amit, I., Citri, A., Nilsson, J., Amariglio, N., Henriksson, R., Rechavi, G.,  Hedman, H., Wides R., Yarden Y. LRIG1 restricts growth factor signaling by enhancing receptor ubiquitylation  and degradation. The EMBO journal 23, 3270-3281. (2004) IF: 10.45 CIT: 304

3. Nordstrand A•, Nilsson J•, Tieva Å, Wikström P, Lerner U.H., Widmark A. Establishment and validation  of an in vitro co-culture model to study the interactions between bone and prostate cancer cells. Clin Exp  Metastasis. 26(8):945-53 (2009); IF: 3.9 CIT: 22 • = contributed equally. 

4. Nilsson J, Skog J, Nordstrand A, Baranov V, Mincheva-Nilsson L, Breakefield XO, Widmark A. Prostate  cancer-derived urine exosomes: a novel approach to biomarkers for prostate cancer. British Journal of Cancer  100: 1603-7 (2009); IF: 6.17 CIT: 559

5. Nilsson R. J. A., Balaj L., Hulleman E., Pegtel D. M., Walraven M., Widmark A., Gerritsen W. R., Verheul  H. M. W., Vandertop P., Noske D. P., Skog J., and Wurdinger T. Blood platelets contain biomarkers for cancer  diagnostics. Blood 118, 3680-3683 (2011); IF: 13.1 CIT: 170

6. Best, M. G., Sol, N., Kooi, I., Tannous, J., Westerman, B. A., Rustenburg, F., Schellen, P., Verschueren,  H., Post, E., Koster, J., Ylstra, B., Ameziane, N., Dorsman, J., Smit, E. F., Verheul, H. M., Noske, D. P.,  Reijneveld, J. C., Nilsson, R. J., Tannous, B. A., Wesseling, P. and Wurdinger, T. RNA-seq of tumor-educated  platelets enables blood-based pan-cancer, multiclass and molecular pathway cancer diagnostics Cancer Cell  28(5):666-76 (2015); IF: 23.2 CIT: 286

7. Nilsson RJ, Karachaliou N, Berenguer J, Gimenez-Capitan A, Schellen P, Teixido C, Kuiper JL, Drees  E, Grabowska M, van Keulen M, Heideman DA, Thunnissen E, Dingemans AM, Viteri S, Tannous BA,  Drozdowskyj A, Rosell R, Smit EF, Wurdinger T. EML4-ALK rearrangement in blood platelets and outcome to  crizotinib in non-small-cell lung cancer Oncotarget 7(1):1066-75 (2016); IF: 5.17 CIT: 92

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